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Disclaimer: The author realizes that the 2021 Steelers are probably going to be burning in Salary Cap Hell and can’t pony up much money for free agents. However, you never know what they have planned and it’s the author’s responsibility to highlight the free agent options.

The Steelers have many an issue on offense with losses on the line, at wide receiver and running back. Running Back is particularly interesting. The Steelers were always known as a running team, but have ranked near the bottom the past couple of years, With James Conner Jersey contract expired, it would be surprising if the inspiring Pitt RB is back. Behind him is a group including Benny Snell Jersey and Anthony McFarland Jr. Jersey It seems like more players will be brought in to compete for the top job in the draft. They could also look at some valuable bargains in free agency. Should they find salary cap room to add, here is the list of available free agents should a Steel City Money Miracle occur.


Most Notable Free Agent Running Backs
Aaron Jones Jersey– Green Bay Packers
Age 26, 5’9”/208 lbs.
Stats: Games Played – 14, Speed: 4.56


Attempts – 204, Yards – 1,104, Yards Per Attempt – 5.5, Yards Per Game – 78.9, Touchdowns – 9, Fumbles – 2, 10+ Runs – 26


Targets – 63, Receptions – 47, Yards – 355, Yards Per Game 25.4, Touchdowns – 2, Drops – 3

No. 23 PFF Position Ranking

Overall Grade 79.4 (High Quality), Rushing 79.3 (High Quality), Receiving 76.5 (High Quality), Pass Blocking 39.1 (Poor), Run Blocking 44.4 (Poor)

Jones is one of the NFL’s finest running backs. He does everything well, but there is some worry that his production is due to the collaboration with Aaron Rodgers and playing in the Green Bay offense. Jones should get a great pay day regardless though. PFF is projecting Jones’ new contract to be in the cozy neighborhood of 4 years/$52 million.

Phillip Lindsay – Denver Broncos (RFA)
Age 26, 5’8”/190 lbs.
Stats: Games Played – 14, Speed – 4.39


Attempts – 118, Yards – 502, Yards Per Attempt – 4.3, Yards Per Game – 45.6, Touchdowns – 1, Fumbles – 0, 10+ Runs – 13


Targets – 14, Receptions – 7, Yards – 28, Touchdowns – 0, Yards Per Game – 2.5, Drops – 3

No. 37 PFF Position Ranking

Overall Grade 69.8 (Above Average), Rushing 77.7 (High Quality), Receiving 32.8 (Rookie), Pass Blocking 78.2 (High Quality), Run Blocking 62.9 (Average)

Not drafted by an NFL team, Phillip Lindsay had two-straight 1,000+ yard seasons in Denver to start his career. Last year, injuries cost Lindsay five games and a time share with Melvin Gordon ate into his production. Being only a restricted free agent probably keeps him in the Mile High city another season, but teams may take a flyer and still surrender a pick for such a talent.

Chris Carson – Seattle Seahawks
Age 26, 5’11”/222 lbs.
Stats: Games Played – 12, Speed: 4.6


Attempts – 141, Yards – 681, Yards Per Attempt – 4.8, Yards Per Game – 56.8, Touchdowns – 5, Fumbles – 1, 10+ Runs – 19


Targets – 46, Receptions – 37, Yards – 287, Yards Per Game 23.9, Touchdowns – 4, Drops – 3

No. 16 PFF Position Ranking

Overall Grade 78.1 (High Quality), Rushing 74.0 (Above Average), Receiving 82.3 (High Quality), Pass Blocking 34.0 (Rookie), Run Blocking 60.6 (Average)

Chris Carson only played 3/4ths of the 2020 season due to a foot injury and his play was solid, but not spectacular. Carson runs hard and catches the ball out of the backfield well. PFF projects $10 million per year for the Seattle rusher.

Mike Davis – Carolina Panthers
Age 28, 5’9”/221 lbs.
Stats: Games Played – 15, Speed – 4.6


Attempts – 165, Yards – 652, Yards Per Attempt – 3.9, Yards Per Game 42.8, Touchdowns – 6, Fumbles – 1, 10+ Runs – 14


Targets – 70, Receptions – 59, Yards – 373, Yards Per Game – 24.9, Touchdowns – 2, Drops – 3

No. 24 PFF Position Ranking

Overall Grade 75.0 (Above Average), Rushing 73.3 (Above Average), Receiving 73.1 (Above Average), Pass Blocking 51.7 (Below Average), Run Blocking 86.6 (Elite)

When Christian McCaffrey went down for a major chunk of the season in Carolina, Mike Davis filled in well. His pass catching is exceptional and his ability to make tacklers miss equated to a major part of his success. But Davis only averaged 3.9 YPC. He could catch on as a feature ball carrier in another NFL city, but teams (at a projected $4.5 million per year) may see Davis as a great option in a backup role.

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Gerry Dulac: Good morning kids….we will start our chat in about 30 minutes so get your questions ready….
Gerry Dulac: Ok kids, I’m ready if you’re ready….go!!

Renfro: Picking against Pittsburgh again this week?
Gerry Dulac: Why? You laying a wager?

Ashton: TJW from another planet? Any other Steelers out of this world?
Gerry Dulac: No, but Warren Moon was.

Jackson: Cheap Vince Williams Jersey calling all defensive chess moves against Baker Mayfield?
Gerry Dulac: Well, he will call the signals, but there will be 13,000 people in Cleveland’s stadium so it won’t be errily quiet

Photo 6: Steelers wide receiver Cheap Chase Claypool Jersey drops touchdown pass against the Bengals in the third quarter Monday, Dec. 20, 2020, at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati Ohio.
Paul Zeise
Paul Zeise’s mailbag: Has the Steelers’ consistent draft position in the last decade hurt their future?
Ryan: If the Steelers don’t win the Super Bowl this year do you see Fichtner being kept on as OC? Pretty damning when Juju stated the Colts were calling out the offensive plays pre-snap
Gerry Dulac: Don’t read too much into that or anything JuJu says. That happens all the time in these empty stadiums. As Mike Tomlin said, the Steelers were calling out some of the Colts plays too.

Yates: Hi Gerry – Purely based on actual performance delivered on field this year, how would you rank order WR group ? Include all WR on roster and adjust rank order for snap count however you see fit.
Gerry Dulac: I don’t see fit to do either, but here ya go — 19-18-11-13-14.

John: Gerry will Ben be extended if he plays well in playoff game? I just can’t see Steelers accepting a 41 mill Cap number. Can’t let the young defensive players in prime walk out door!!!!
Gerry Dulac: They don’t have any room to maneuver his salary cap hit in 2021 ($41m) unless they extend him another year or so. And I’m not sure they will do that.

Ashtabula Steelers Fan: Think Seagulls flying over stadium this week will affect ability of players to hear pre-snap calls?
Gerry Dulac: Maybe affect the stains on their helmet

Yates: Gerry – How do you see Steelers reconfiguring OL next year? Who is gone? Who moves positions? What positions are prioritized in draft?
Gerry Dulac: Villanueva will not be re-signed, Feiler will go back to right tackle and Okorafor will move to LT. Dotson will be the left guard. That’s how they will start. And they will draft a center/guard in the second or third round.

Beth: Mr Gerry Colbert. … who is your priority in order? Juju, Hilton, bud, sutton
Gerry Dulac: Priority will be Watt, JuJu and see what happens with Bud.

Stlrdave1: 2 part question sir. Will the coaches allow Ben to call more of his own plays in the no huddle? It seems to be working. And any chance is there plays to be put in for Josh Dobbs down the line for a change of pace? Thank you as always for your insight
Gerry Dulac: He calls all of his own plays in the no-huddle, but the plays come from his call sheet that he and Randy Fichtner go over and build during the week. The only problem with Dobbs is he has to be active first, and he hasn’t been. But I’m sure he will be this week and don’t be surprised if you see some type of motion package w him.

Steelers quarterback Cheap Mason Rudolph Jersey goes after Browns defensive end Myles Garrett after Garret pulled off Rudolph’s helmet and clubbed him in the head with it Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland. (Matt Freed/Post-Gazette) #yearend2019
Ray Fittipaldo
Steelers quarterback Cheap Ben Roethlisberger Jersey won’t play in regular season finale against Browns
Richard: Gerry, in you article you name it that Ben bringed back the Steelers to the driver seat.. I think they are not even in the passenger seat, they had their opportunities before not now.. that belongs to KC and Bills respectively.. sad enough the worst scenario was to meet the ravens first playoff game for the last 4 weeks for me and I bet that will happen.. ouch!! Doesn’t look to bright does it?
Gerry Dulac: That’s the first time I heard a 12-3 team not having bright prospects.

Utah Jim: What are your thoughts on Tomlin’s excuse for not calling a timeout at the end of the first half? Sounds like living in one’s fears to me.
Gerry Dulac: We have seen those fears arise several times this year. It happened when he didn’t kick the potential game-winning 46-yard field goal against Washington.

Joesy: Odds of all players on active roster see action other than on special teams?
Gerry Dulac: Slim. Why? You looking for a prop bet??

California Yinzer: It’s difficult to beat a team three times in one season. Although I wouldn’t count Ben out, I don’t think the Steelers would get past the Ravens if that is their first round opponent in the playoffs. Agree?
Gerry Dulac: Relax. They did it in 2008 when they beat the Ravens three times to win the Super Bowl

Les: Good morning, in the 2nd half vs the Colts what percentage of plays were called by Big Ben? More than people think or less than? Whichever it was it worked!
Gerry Dulac: I’m not sure what people thought, but when they are in the no-huddle Ben is calling the vast majority of them.

BJ: Good morning Gerry. Question regarding Sam Darnold. Now that Cheap Bud Dupree Jersey is heading for free agency, could the Steelers work out a deal with the Jets, trading Dupree and say a draft choice for Darnold? I understand Bud would have to agree to the deal. Thank you.
Gerry Dulac: I doubt it. Darnold won’t come cheap and I think the Steelers plan is to go with Rudolph until they find a QB in the draft they like…and can get. Plus, they can’t trade Bud because he won’t be under contract.

Jake: I’d like to to see McFarland get 20+ carries and Claypool and Washington have at least 10 balls each thrown there way. What’s your personal wish goals for the upcoming game?
Gerry Dulac: I think you will see McFarland get a lot of work, maybe even pull a Cheap Willie Parker Jersey in 2004. As for me, my only goal is to get back home at a reasonable hour.

Igor Larionov is Back Baaabeee: Sooooo Gerrard. Juju is not a fan of market square primo’s bros. Do you support his gripe?
Gerry Dulac: Poor guy. Guess he doesn’t realize there is a pandemic and some places have reduced help staffs, either because of furloughs or restrictions. I guess he’s been too busy with his Tik-Tok nonsense to realize some businesses could be having issues. I suggest someone set up a GoFundMe page for JuJu so he can buy a gift card and go back there when the service lifts to his acceptable level.

Turk in MD: Happy Holidays, Gerry. I think they need to insert Dotson as a starter for the playoffs. Past performance, salary, and draft pedigree don’t matter at this stage in the season. Your thoughts?
Gerry Dulac: At this point, I don’t think anything they do will positively impact the running game. But it did look good against the Bengals, best in a long while. I still think their best O-line includes having Feiler at RT, even though I think Okorafor has been as good as any of their linemen this season.

SteelersFaninPatriotsNation: Who would you rest against the Browns, aside from Roethlisberger? My take is nobody (barring injuries), at least for the first half; this team has plenty of flaws and issues to address going into the playoffs. Maybe it will be more extended rotational play. Thoughts?
Gerry Dulac: I think you will see Pouncey, Heyward and Haden rested for sure. I think you will see Watt, Minkah, DeCastro and JuJu used sparingly. Tuitt too.You can forget that nonsense about addressing issues. Do you really think that’s going to happen in one game, especially a meaningless one??

Ryan: Cheap Robert Spillane Jersey has done well. However, who would have thought at the start of the season we would be concerned with his availability for the playoffs.
Gerry Dulac: Haha. I don’t think anyone is concerned, but I get your point. So, to make you relax, I will tell you he is expected back for the postseason.

Jake: In hindsight, do you now think Levon Bell would have been a good pick up at 2mill for the rest of the year, or is he just bad air from the past?
Gerry Dulac: They — and I — had no interest in bringing back a past issue.

redsteeler69: Gerry don’t you think it’s wise to rest players. If you plan on winning the superbowl it doesn’t matter who you play. If you’re afraid of another team you shouldn’t be there.
Gerry Dulac: Of course it is. Why risk even more serious injuries. The whole objective is to get to the postseason and win the Super Bowl. Step one is accomplished. Winning or losing in Cleveland has no effect on that whatsoever.

Yates: Hi Gerry – Happy to see 28 get some recognition for his play against Colts. What is the most likely scenario for him to remain with Steelers next year?
Gerry Dulac: They will take the same approach as this past season — offer him a one-year deal for about $3.5-$4 miillion. Nickel backs aren’t high priorities. If they were they’d be a starter, and he is not that.

marty v: Is McDonald now just a blocking TE to help out the OL? And is Gentry eligible to return for the playoffs?
Gerry Dulac: Well, if they’re going to target a tight end, nine times out of 10 it will be Ebron.That’s why McDonald, who will count $7.9 million in 2021, will likely be released with the flattened salary cap. Either that or he will be offered the Cheap James Harrison Jersey take-it-or-leave-it deal

Linebacker Lounge: Feel like Vince was really good early in year, understandably rusty vs Indy with two weeks off. But can not question his heart playing every snap. Steelers will need to find a way to mask ILB pass coverage… Your thoughts? Thanks
Gerry Dulac: They have a bigger issue stopping the run, and 98 is more important in that role than worrying about his coverage in the middle of the field. It’s an issue they are well aware of and they try to make sure they minimize his potential mismatches in coverage.

Linebacker Lounge: Is Connor going to be the “feature” back in the playoffs? He can catch the ball and is a better pass blocker… Thanks
Gerry Dulac: I’m glad you put that word in quotes, because there is no feature back in this offense. But, to your point, he will play the vast majority of time, barring injuries. There will be no rotation, no Cheap Benny Snell Jersey, with the exception of maybe a third-and-1

Barry: Happy New Year Gerry! I feel Mason at qb will be effective and keep this game more competitive than people predict, but we need a running attack. Cheap James Conner Jersey  should play in this game…do you agree?
Gerry Dulac: I think it would be wise to give up on the notion the Steelers need a running game. Yes, they do, but have you seen any evidence to suggest that can happen the rest of the year? Or that they will rely on anything other than what has worked best — Ben throwing the ball?

Retire21: With his unlucky and untimely injury Bud may not even ready til mid season in ‘21. What do you think that’ll mean to his prospects of getting any kid of a deal anywhere?
Gerry Dulac: Not very good

Linebacker Lounge: True or False? Rudolph returns to Cleveland and eliminates the Browns..
Gerry Dulac: I’ll let you answer that. I don’t do true or false

George: I am glad that Big Ben finally hit some receivers downfield for long gains and/or a touchdown. Why did we have to endure these short passes for three weeks that bunch up the line of scrimmage, took the running game away, and dared The Steelers to throw the ball downfield?
Gerry Dulac: Those short passes didn’t disappear against Colts, in case you weren’t paying attention. They just had success with them again because they were able to back up the Colts with some of the mid-range to longer passes down the field.

Retire21: 6 playoff games next weekend. What’s your guess on date/time for Steelers at Heinz?
Gerry Dulac: Sunday 1 pm with Nantz and Romo

Shaler Steve: After last week’s performance Ben HAS to be a lead candidate for MVP, right?
Gerry Dulac: If you mean MVP of the league, that ship has sailed. If you mean team MVP, the vote isn’t even close. That doesn’t mean TJ Watt won’t win team MVP

Den: Hi Gerry Happy New Year. Any word on if Robert Spillane will be back this week or for the playoffs?
Gerry Dulac: He will be back for the postseason. No need to play him this week.

Linebacker Lounge: In your opinion, The player(s) that has had a surprisingly good season thus far is ____.
Gerry Dulac: Chase Claypool

Turk in MD: What do you think is the cause of Ben’s turnaround in the 2nd half: play calling, OL protection, “having fun”, or did he just decide to start slinging it?
Gerry Dulac: He started completing passes and receivers started doing what they’re supposed to do.

Mike: Big Ben easily has another 5 years worth of NFL titles in him. Did you see him ball out, no other qb can turn it on like that. Will the Steelers resign him to an extension and bring that cap hit down next year?
Gerry Dulac: That’s the only way they’re going to reduce that cap hit next year. And I’d hold off on that another-5-years-worth proclamation.

Den: Who else do you think will be held out or play briefly on Sunday? TJ, Cam, Hayden, etc.
Gerry Dulac: Answered that earlier. What you said!

Retire21: Diontae came up limping on the one punt return when both and McCloud were back. Why risk that?
Gerry Dulac: Agreed. Save that for later

Jps717: OL needs a complete revamp for 21 if you want a running game. I suggest taking OL with first 3 draft picks. If your line creates push and open lanes, any decent RB can be successful. Your thoughts?
Gerry Dulac: Good thing you’re not in charge of the draft

Idaho fan: Are opposing teams reading the Steelers offensive plays? When they went to Ben’s calling plays, things changed dramatically in second half?
Gerry Dulac: You are way over-reacting to that stuff. Happens all the time in these empty stadiums. Steelers call out their plays too when they hear their signals.

Linebacker Lounge: If Feiler returns is it time for him to play RT and keep Dotson at Gaurd? Thanks
Gerry Dulac: That’s not going to happen at this point of the season, but long term i think you will see that happen. And Okorafor will go to LT.

Southside: I think the Steelers will find a way to sign juju, bud and sign free agent Aaron Jones at rb. Yes?
Gerry Dulac: JuJu yes. Bud is a possibility for a reduced one-year deal only because his injury drastically impacted his marketability, though don’t count on it. And investing big money in a free-agent RB is not their style, though I like Cheap Aaron Jones Jersey a great deal.

G Squared: Any word on Spilane’s health?
Gerry Dulac: Answered that

Jim: Why is Jerry Jones allowed to have 30,000 fans in his building when Houston doesn’t have any?
Gerry Dulac: I’m curious myself. I don’t know.

Guest: Any ideas how the Steelers can find a future franchise quarterback without spending years with Cheap Cliff Stoudt Jersey, Neil O’Donnell, etc. type of quarterback until they get bad enough to move up in the draft?
Gerry Dulac: I will remind you Neil O’Donnell helped get them to the Super Bowl one year

Kevin M: I apologize if this has already been asked but why are we NOT using Cheap Derek Watt Jersey in short yardage situations like 1st and Goal from then 1 yard line? Does it have to do
Gerry Dulac: You saw it a little more last game. The problem I have is when they do put him in the game and then line him on the wing. If you’re going to do that, use an offensive lineman. If you’re going to use him, use him as the lead blocker in short yardage

FC: GM Gerry, obviously, in the playoffs, the Steelers can’t afford to let Fitchner call the plays in the 1st half because we’ll be too far behind to catch up. Any chance MT let’s Ben call the whole game himself? Bradshaw called his own plays and that worked out ok, no??
Gerry Dulac: I’d hold off on that one, too

your name: I read that the NFL is looking into the JUJU locker room dance for Tik Toc.]
Gerry Dulac: They should and I’m sure he and the Steelers will be fined. Letting this nonsense continues reflects poorly on an organization that has always been the most well-respected and classiest in the league. Allowing sophomoric behavior from immature players who will cost you money, maybe draft picks and, at some point, maybe a game is more than just unacceptable. It is something the organization can control and stop. Who is in charge of the asylum, after all??

Pete: What’s up with this story about Ben not helping Rudolph prepare for the Browns because they don’t have much of a relationship? Is been really that much of a toolbag?
Gerry Dulac: Where do you hear or read that nonsense???

Kevin M: Hi Gerry, thanks for your time. Why are we not using Derek Watt in short yardage and goal line situations?
Gerry Dulac: See previous answer

Fineline: Is Boswell going to be able to kick in the playoffs? Wright has a weak leg and that will be a big factor if they have to rely on him.
Gerry Dulac: The plan is for Boswell to be good for the postseason

your name: I read the NFL is looking at JUJU’s tik toc in the locker room, love the guy but really??? Time to Pro up and grow up??
Gerry Dulac: Pay the man!

MrSamsonite: Good morning Gerry. The running game was not too bad against Cincinnati but was once again ineffective against the Colts. Do you think the difference was because of the defenses? Or did McDonald playing for an injured Ebron in that Bengals game make a difference?
Gerry Dulac: I think it was because it was the Bengals and not the Colts

Yates: Gerry – Is there some downside to opening in no huddle that your average Steelers fan has not figured out? The 1st three play calls in the Colts game were as predictable as they come.
Gerry Dulac: No. We have seen them do it before. And I think it might be a good idea to start that way too, get a quick boost of energy and tempo.
Gerry Dulac: Well, kids, we’re out of time. See you next week. Happy New Year.